What are some of the advantages of using Cone Beam CT?

  • Images have submillimeter accuracy and are dimensionally stable
  • No magnification, distortion or superimposition present
  • Slicing of the scan can be performed in any plane
  • Volume rendering capabilities that permit study of the spatial relationships of structures
  • Interactive simulation softwares that enable virtual treatment planning

How does the radiation dose from CBCT compare with other modalities?

Radiation dosefrom CBCT scans varies considerably depending on the scanner used and the imaging protocols selected. The table below compares the effective radiation dose from different imaging modalities and background radiation.

        Examination Effective Dose
CBCT – small and medium volumes (FOV <10 cm) 11-674 μSv (median value: 61 μSv)
CBCT – large volumes (FOV >10 cm) 30-1073 μSv (median value: 87 μSv)
Panoramic 9-26 μSv
FMX – PSP plates/ F-speed film, rectangular collimation 34.6 μSv
FMX – PSP plates/ F-speed film, round collimation 170.7 μSv
FMX – D-speed film, round collimation 388 μSv
Medical CT 280-1410 μSv
Daily background radiation in US 8 μSv


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