Our Team


Dr. David Hatcher

Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist

Dr. Hatcher received his D.D.S. degree from the University of Washington in 1973. Subsequently he completed two years of active duty in the U.S. Public Health Service and a one-year general practice residency program at the University of Vermont Medical Center. Following three years as an instructor and one year as active director of the general practice residency program and the hospital dental clinic at the University of Washington. Dr. Hatcher completed the graduate program in radiology at the University of Toronto and was granted a specialty in Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology in 1982 and an M.Sc. in 1983. His thesis topic dealt with radiology of mandibular dysfunction.

Dr. Hatcher was an Associate Professor and Chairman of the Division of Radiology for five years at the University of Alberta, Canada. He was also Director of the Temporomandibular Joint Investigation Unit and Clinic while at the University of Alberta. He has faculty appointments at both the University of California San Francisco and the University of Pacific Dental Schools. He has published many articles and lectured extensively to medical and dental organizations around the World.

Craig Dial

Dental Radiographic Technologist

Craig Dial earned his license as a Dental Radiographic Technologist in 1981 through UC Berkeley and is currently part owner and chief technologist of DDI. He works closely with many doctors to continue to improve the standard of maxillofacial imaging available in our community and throughout the world. Craig has served several years as the president of the American Association of Dental Maxillofacial Radiographic Technicians (AADMRT), and several more as a member of the board. Craig is internationally known for his imaging expertise, and is often consulted about his technical skills and knowledge about oral radiography.  

Camille Mayorga

Dental Radiographic Technologist

Camille Mayorga joined Dr. David Hatcher and Craig Dial when DDI opened it’s doors in January 1995. She started as the front desk office manager and then received her license as a Dental Radiographic Technologist through UC Berkeley in 1997. Camille served as editor for 11 years for the American Association of Dental Maxillofacial Radiographic Technicians (AADMRT), and several more as a member on the board. Camille is passionate about her work as she continually practices improving quality imaging and quality patient care.  

Ron Thatcher

Dental Radiographic Technologist

Ron earned his license in 1981 from UC Berkeley , and has worked full time in the dental imaging field ever since.  He worked 36 years in a lab in the bay area, training multiple people as well as two of the lab owners in earning their licenses as well. Ron served on the board of directors for the American Association of Dental Maxillofacial Radiographic Technicians for several years, as well as president for a year. Ron has been with DDI for several years now working in the Roseville office, as well as operating DDI’s Mobile Van servicing patients who live great distances from the DDI offices.  Ron enjoys his co-workers and loves learning new technologies.

Cherie Berry

Dental Radiographic Technologist

Cherie earned her certification as a Dental Assistant in 1980 working in a large orthodontic practice in Southern California, before earning a license as a Dental Radiographic Technologist in 1983 through Orange Coast College and the State of California. Cherie now lives in Colorado, where she has been delivering the highest standards and leading edge technology in dental imaging for almost four decades. She’s been an active member and has also served on the board of the American Association of Dental Maxillofacial Radiographic Technologists.  She joined the DDI Team in 2007.

Simon Berry

Dental Radiographic Technologist

Simon has been around dental imaging his whole life since his mother; Cherie Berry (dental x-ray technologist) has been in this field for over 30 years. Early in his life, Simon was attracted to the field of maxillofacial imaging and joined DDI in 2009. Since then he has become an integral part of the lab. He developed a desire to study and understand all aspects of the imaging center included radiographic procedures, clerical issues, insurance, and patient and doctor interactions. To further his understanding of dental imaging, he continues to attend and participate in advanced courses from the American Association of Dental Maxillofacial Radiographic Technologists.

Simon’s desire for learning about dental imaging has inspired him to belong to multiple dental study clubs.  You can regularly find Simon speaking at various study groups and CE courses educating the local community about the latest advancements in imaging technology. Simon’s easy going manner makes it easy for both patients and doctors to feel at home when working with DDI.

Stephanie Carr

Office Manger Roseville and Mobile

Stephanie joined the DDI team in 2003. She began her career working the front office in the Vacaville lab. She quickly learned the language and procedures of dental imaging and was willing to be flexible as she worked in Napa, Sacramento and Roseville labs. Stephanie gained the skills and experience needed and has been involved with most every aspect of the imaging lab outside of taking the x-rays. She is now a key person in DDI for answering most questions and handling many situations related to the office. She is currently office manager in DDI Roseville, where you can interact with her friendly and knowledgeable voice. She also manages the DDI mobile van where she sets up the schedule and organizes all steps necessary for a smooth operation.


Hilari Case

Office Manager Sacramento

Hilari Case joined DDI May 2016.  After 5 years of being a stay at home mom, she decided to go back to work and completely change job industries.  She is very passionate about the dental industry and is constantly striving to learn all there is to know about dental imaging. She is the Sacramento DDI Front Office Manager. Hilari she graduated from California State University, Sacramento, with a bachelor’s degree in Communications.

Steve McEvoy

IT Engineer

Steve completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering in the late 1980s. His master’s thesis focused on mechanical loading of the temporomandibular joints (TMJ). As a licensed mechanical engineer in both the United States and Canada, Mr. McEvoy has worked for TMJ X-ray imaging equipment manufacturers AxialTome, Denar, PDI and Sorodex. This experience lead to Mr. McEvoy’s partnership in the DDI Imaging Centers, which provide diagnostic imaging services to dental professionals across North America. In 1995, Mr. McEvoy founded MME Consulting, Inc., a computer consulting company specialized in helping Dental Specialists and Imaging Centers nationwide with their business IT needs.